A warm-hearted welcome to all of you to our Sanjivani Institute of Pharmacy and Research. This institution is of high reputation and commitment to offering you world-class quality education and has all ingredients to cater the Pharma education for creating successful Pharmacists. In Sanjivani Institute of Pharmacy and Research, the student is having excellent classroom facilities and highly equipped laboratories, reading resources, sporting, amphitheatre, cultural activities, open space for recreation, cafeteria and the entire required social and academic environment. The greatest contribution in accomplishing the progress of the institution is of the pool of faculty, mentored erudite educationist who is highly experienced, qualified and trained in delivering the details of the pharmaceutical sciences and contents of the syllabi, to meet the needs and pace of learning of the individual budding pharmacist. Knowledge and discipline form the pillars of Sanjivani Institute of Pharmacy and Research. The students are trained in such a way that they inculcate highly competitive knowledge and discipline, making them capable to undertake any task undauntedly to achieve their goals.

Prof. Deepak N. Patil
(Principal, Sanjivani Institute of Pharmacy & Research)