Message From our Chairman

Sanjivani Rural Education Society was established in 1983 with the sole motto of catering educational needs of our people. When all thought of cities and urban areas, I thought of villages. Why should my people, my home talent be deprived of education, earnings, name, and fame? All are aware of the quality at Sanjivani Institutions. Hence students from all parts of India got attracted towards Sanjivani.

I feel glad and proud to see the seed sown by me grow into a huge tree with numerous branches with technical height. Here I use the word ‘Technical’ because today Sanjivani caters its services in the technical education, producing the competent diploma and degree holders in the fields of engineering, pharmacy, management etc- to name a few. Today we are rightly known as Sanjivani Group of Institutes- the leading and major supplier of industrial manpower.